1. Sign in and go to your e-portfolio homepage.
2. Photo - make sure that you have a photo in the space provided
3. About me - Write a brief description about you.
Interests/ hobbies:
Areas you need to work on:
What you like about BBI the most
4. My Goals - you should have a Term 1-4 template linked to this page. Each term should have a goal setting template linked to them.

Important Notes:
Make sure your spelling and grammar is accurate. Do not include personal information about yourself, such as your address, phone number, etc. Remember that although it is protected, we need to think about what is appropriate to publish about ourselves when using the internet.

Also, your knowledge.net page is not a social space for you to announce social events, birthday lists, best friends, etc. In other words, KNOWLEDGE.NET IS NOT BEBO OR FACEBOOK! It is a formal educational space for you to record your learning, goals, progress and share work you have done in class.

Good luck!
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