Homestudy - Term 3, Week 8

Due: Monday 15th September

Task One: Spelling

Rule: 'dis' can also mean not.

1. Find 10 words that begin with dis and write them in sentences that show you understand their meaning.
2. Complete learning your spelling words for this week. Remember to get your notebook signed each night.

Task Two: Explanations

Click on this link and follow the instructions to create your own explanation.

This may be a little harder than normal. Give it your best go.
1. Write out what cause means, write out what process means and write out what effect means. (you will see it tells you in the link above).
2. When you have finished print it out, glue it into your homestudy book and then try to label the different language features of an explanation. (HINT = it tells you in the powerpoint show)

Task Three: Inquiry

1. What do you think a refugee is? (your own opinion please).

2. Now use the dictionary and find out what a refugee is.

3. Create three sentences using the word refugee.

4. Name some countries that refugees have come from and why they left their country. Give as much detail as possible.