Read the Room 8 argument texts on the theme of Boys and Girls at School.

We aimed to meet the following success criteria in our writing;
Read some arguments and decide for yourself- do boys or girls have a harder time at school? Remember- some of the views expressed in these arguments are DELIBERATELY CONTROVERSIAL and may not reflect the true feelings of the author!!

Victoria Griffin; Introduction
Since the first school opened, both genders have debated about whether or not it is harder for boys or girls at school. Without a doubt, friendships, bullying and subjects studied are different for both boys and girls.

Daniel McAndrew;
It is hard to tell who has a harder school life. Boys tend to lose focus more, as well as getting distracted easily. Also boys tend to get into trouble more.

On the other hand girls have to look tidier, furthermore they have to make work look nicer too. Girls are also expected to work harder.

This is compared to most boys not liking school very much, as a result they usually muck around more. In addition to this, boys probably don't get much work done.

Whereas, when girls are working they always talk more, ending up with not much work done either. Also girls tend to get bullied more, resulting in a harder social life inside and outside of school.

Therefore both boys and girls have a hard life in school which means it is too hard to tell who has the harder life at school, boys or girls.
Bart Jorgensen;
Do boys or girls have a harder time at school?

Boys have been given a negative stereotype that makes people think that boys are unin telligent and trouble making. This can make it harder for boys.

Girls could argue that they have been given a positive stereotype, which means people think that they are smart and well behaved which makes them need to work really hard to obtain praise. On the other hand, boys could say that the positive stereotype on girls and the negative stereotype boys have makes it harder for boys when they are being well-behaved and working well.

Girls could retort that because of their positive stereotype, teachers are usually disappointed in them for not having really great work or for not knowing lots of facts. However, Boys have been taught that being strong or good at sports is really important in addition to that boys are teased and bullied for not being good at sports.

Girls in contrast, are exposed to and taught that looks and being well-mannered are extremely important, which can result in girls being self conscious and depressed.

In addition to all of the previous statements, boys are teased and treated oddly for liking colors like pinks and florescent colors that vary from "boy" colors which they have been assigned with. Yet, girls are encouraged to use the pinks and purples because everyone has decided them to be "girl" colors, which can be annoying, and take away from them wanting to use colors they personally like.

Everyone assumes that all boys are strong which is not necessarily true, this can make it harder for weaker boys who may not be able to carry things people assign them to lift. On the other hand it is assumed that girls are weak which means that strong girls never get to lift or do anything physical and they may stop caring about being strong add thus become weaker.

Coming all together, girls and boys are exacly the same apart from the fact that for some reason they are treated differently which can result in them becoming different.
Nita Daya;
Does Gender Affect Your Overall Perspective on School?

Most people would agree that a person’s attitude and behaviour determines how successful, satisfied and happy one can be.
This raises the question, is gender a significant determining factor?

Girls tend to be more conscious of what they are wearing and their appearance. This leads to comparison and unnecessary friction which can lead to arguments of even to a break in friendship. Thus, the casual attitude of boys makes socializing much easier for them.

On the other hand, being competitive in most sports and not wanting to be labelled as weak or timid, is stressful for boys. They end up in a situation where they are either afraid of being bullied, or they tend to become the bullies. Does that not explain why it is generally only boys who are afraid of being labelled as a “nerd” or “geek.” not having to worry about this makes life at school a great deal easier for girls.

Girls tend to usually be more organised, conscientious, helpful and hardworking. This wins them the teachers favour. This want for recognition is usually stronger amongst girls whereas boys are generally not bothered to become the teachers so called “pet.”

Boys are generally more energetic and playful and are known to mature later in life which makes them less stressed about school work and thus boys are happier at school.

Behaviour and attitude would be more significant factors in determining happiness at school rather than gender.

Jeffrey Leung;
Boys have a harder time at school than girls because boys are made to be more active and trouble making. On the other hand girls are quieter and can easily concentrate on work.

But boys like running around in school so there is a more likely chance of crashing into different sorts of objects and makes bigger messes.

On the other hand, girls have an easier time at school but they love to chat to their mates. Girls can easily make friends and which will cause a lot of talking.

Over all, boys have more trouble than girls, although girls also have more trouble to pay attention.
Liam Robinson;
Boys and girls have completely different hobbies, girls like to play in groups as well as playing hopscotch, playing with each others hair, and tiggie. Whereas boys like to play sports, most girls don't like attending sports and getting muddy, so that can affect their report.

Boys don't mind doing anything except math. Sometimes boys play so much sport that they don't bother attending to tasks in class, yet girls love class tasks, they get on with their work and get great grades.

Some boys can, and do like class tasks as well as attending sports. Those boys are usually bullied and are affected and hurt so they stick with the teacher. Girls that like sports are usually teased and told, ''You’re just a girl'', so then they have no choice but to play with the other girls.

So girls and boys have a hard time in school life, Girls can’t say boys have an easier school life, same with the boys.
Jacky Lo;
Boys do not have the same level of thinking as girls, as proven by many scientists. They would normally struggle at school which would lead to their downfall in future preferences.

Although, it does not mean that boys have a harder time. Girls do not have the same athletic ability as boys, they are normally weaker and find it hard to cope in with the crowd.

On a different perspective, boys’ sexuality is misjudged more often than girls. Meaning that a male's love life will never be private. They will always be teased by male and female, therefore they must put up with the put-downs.

On the other hand, girls are always trying to finish everything on time. They attempt to avoid trouble, as well as coping with puberty.

In conclusion, girls and boys may not share the same level of ability as each other and they may not share the same consequences but they both are equally treated the same. Therefore they both have a hard time.
Sama Al-Din;
Who has a harder life at school? Boys or Girls?

Firstly, distractions always get in the way of children’s, girls’ and boys’ learning, things like video games, their favorite television program, and funny moments.

Life at school can be harder for girls because girls tend to be more picky when they are making friends. They also tend to be more picky with their work and stationary. Everything to girls has to be pretty and good. On the other hand, boys are less organised than girls, they forget things like stationary, P.E. gear, duties and homework, whilst girls have to make sure that they have everything ready.

Yet, teachers expect girls to be neater and tidier with their work and uniform. Whereas, tests show that 85% of girls aim higher than boys.But it could be argued that girls find it harder to be in a group with boys as they are always trying to be funny. They want all the attention to themselves.

Overall, it is probably a harder life at school for boys as for the girls, it could be a hard life at school for girls too.