Team2.pngblack-poly-letter-b.jpgheading_1.pngTeam B Online Survey- 2008
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the survey- we had almost 100% of students taking part, and 75% of children had a parent who responded too!
Here are some key findings...
Although almost 60% of students had no experience of using Wikispaces before this year...nearly 70% visited the team wiki on a daily basis...mostly from home...and almost 50% of students noticed an improvement in their attitude towards homework in 2008...and 54% of students would be sad (or even very unhappy) if they couldn't use wikispaces for online learning in year 8!
Over 70% of parents had never experienced wikispaces before 2008...but 55% noticed an improvement in their child's attitude and commitment towards homework this year...with over 60% of parents feeling that the quality of homework had improved by using online learning and wikispaces!!

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