2008 Class Councillors for Room 7...

Congratulations to Dominique and Idam! Well done to all who applied!

The selection process...
All students applied for the role in response to the 'advertisement' above. They wrote a letter of application and presented a speech to the class. The students in the class then anonymously voted for the two students they thought would best represent them at School Council meetings and meet their needs of a Class Councillor. I considered all applicants prior to this presentation from their letters. I then collated the results and considered the two most 'voted for' students in terms of their suitability for the role and their application. I am very pleased to announce these two students as our Class Councillors for 2008. I must say it was a very difficult job selecting them as every application was outstanding. I can honestly say that the standard of letters and speeches delivered was incredible and all students can feel that they have presented their cases very professionally. I have no doubt that all students would have done a great job of being a Class Councillor... there is always next year.
Thanks for your understanding of this delicate task I had!
Rachel Taylor