Wednesday 10 Dec

  • Can you help? On the off chance that you have some time and ingredients... the Give us a Home inquiry group are baking goodies tonight to take to the Auckland City Mission tomorrow morning. If you can help to bake some delicious cookies tonight to give to the that would be greatly appreciated! I know it is a busy time and very short notice, and you are not obliged to do so, but if you would like to it would be great to support your class mates! Please can you put them in an ice cream container ( or another disposable container) and include the ingredients on a list.
  • Keep up with the Tales of Mystery and Suspense and SO WHAT stage of your inquiry for homework
  • Remember to bring your permission slips back for Wall-E on Friday! These need to be back tomorrow please.
  • Book in a bag presentations are going ahead tomorrow morning. Make sure you are all ready and know what you are going to say when you share your bag and its items to the class. Here are some guidelines for planning what to say: State the title and author; describe the design of your bag and how it relates to or reflects ideas or events in the story; share each item, explaining why you chose them and their significance in the story; read out your questions and answers, as well as your vocabulary words. Try to see if the class know what the words mean before defining them!

Monday 8 Dec
  • Year 7 fun day tomorrow! Bring: hat, sunscreen, food, lots of water, togs and towel. If the weather is bad, we will let you know once you get to school if we will be having our fun day at school or at Willow Park. Remember to bring some board games in case it is raining for our afternoon session of fun! 7 students are still to bring their permission slips. You know who you are! This must be brought tomorrow or you will sadly miss out :(

  • Homework this week is to work on your SO WHAT stage and your Book in a Bag assignment. Presentations of Book in a Bag are this Thursday.

  • Inquiry Group 4: Silence the Violence are collecting in items to donate to the Women's Refuge. Please show your note to your parents and see if there is anything you don't want that you could bring in for them to take.


Friday 5 Dec**
  • Don't forget your permission slip for Willow Park fun day!
  • Parent helpers, I will contact you over the weekend. Thanks To all those who have offered to help!

Due Dates:

Book in a bag: Thursday 11 Dec
Virtues unit: Monday 15 Dec
Tales of Mystery and Suspense unit: Wednesday 15 Dec

Thursday 4 Dec
  • Congratulations to those who have made LOTS of art money in our human rights art auction so far! Click here to check out the art and see some snap shots of the exhibition we viewed prior to the auction.
  • Mufti day tomorrow, bring 2 cans for our local food bank if you haven't already

Monday 1 Dec
  • Tonight's homework task is to find 2-3 examples of artwork that relates to your group's chosen human rights issue. Print each example off and bring into school for inspiration for our art day on Wednesday.
  • Parents... this week is 'Celebrate the Arts' week at BBI. In Room 7 we are going to have an art intensive day to create some art work on Wednesday that relates to our human rights inquiry. Students will become 'critics' by viewing the finished art, giving written reviews to the artists. They will also be issued some 'art money' on the day and will bid for paintings they think clearly communicate the artist's issue (this is merely for fun). The goal of the day is to create an appreciation for art as well as raise awareness of a human rights issue and share their artwork online on Taking It Global. TakingITGlobal.org is an online community that connects youth to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take action in their local and global communities. It's the world's most popular online community for young people interested in making a difference, with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month. Check out the global galleries to see artwork already being shared. We are really looking forward to this and will share the artwork produced on the day through this space as well as teambmakingadifference.wikispaces.com.

Friday 21 Nov
  • Congratulations to Bryar and her dancing buddy for a superb, polished performance in the Dance Talent Quest today. What a sharp duo you were, I was most impressed.
  • Congratulations to the Inquiry groups who have presented their work already. What a fantastic effort from the Gender Blenders, Refuge for Refugees, and Bleep Bleep. Due to very annoying technical difficulties, the rest of the groups will be presenting next week
  • Homestudy Week 6 due on Monday - SPECIAL INCENTIVE WEEK. All homework must be completed and handed in to a high standard.
  • Eastern Zone athletics is on next Wednesday at Mt Smart Stadium

Wednesday 4 Nov
  • Athletics has been postponed until Monday due to the risk of rain at Lloyd Elsmore and no shelter!
  • Mufti Day tomorrow for all Miro house members due to house points.

Thursday 30 Oct
  • Homestudy is due on Monday of next week.
  • Inquiry: see teambmakingadifference room 7 page for THINKING DEEPER and REFLECT, EVALUATE, CRITIQUE stages tasks that can be started at home.
  • Cultural Mufti Day tomorrow. Dress up in clothing to reflect your culture or another culture of choice. We have an exciting cultural assembly on at period 5!
  • Make your own calendar and greeting cards fundraiser information was sent home today. Please see notices
Tuesday 28 Oct
  • Testing AsTTle Maths and Writing will be held this week


Thursday 23 Oct
  • Congratulations to Room 7 for winning the Year 7 Lunchtime Sport competition for 2008! What a fantastic achievement!
  • Homework each night is Inquiry, where students will be working on researching, and taking notes for their group's Inquiry and recording their actions in their Inquiry Log, due to be handed in next Tuesday 28 Oct. Maths revision homework has been handed out and is due this Friday. It is to ensure students are prepared for next week's Number and Algebra school wide testing.
  • Week 3 homework is now up under Homestudy Tasks for those who want to get a head start over the weekend.
  • Newsletters: Athletics and Team B newsletters were handed out yesterday. If you can help out at our school athletics day at Lloyd Elsmore Park, please fill in the return slip and send to school.
  • Labour Day is next Monday - school closed.
  • We have a new student, Simon Park, who has joined us from Korea until the end of the year.


Welcome back to everyone. I hope you all had a good holiday!
  • This week and next week's homework's focus is Inquiry. Each student should be researching answers to their questions they have written and bring their findings to class each day to skim, scan and take notes together. Remember to fill out your log each night to show what you have done each night to work towards completing your investigate stage of your inquiry. If each group member does this each night you should have some good in depth answers from a range of sources. This log book has been handed out and can be viewed at http://teambonmymind.wikispaces.com/Team+B+Homework+Term+4+W1


Wednesday 24 September
  • Stalls day is tomorrow. Thanks to our wonderful committee who have designed all the signage and advertising for our class's stall: Fizzyitis... your one stop drink shop.
  • Congratulations to Liam who raised the second largest amount of funds from the Knowledge-a-thon. He received some Westfield shopping vouchers for his efforts.
  • Congratulations to Annie and Janice for their superb performance at the Koanga Festival last night, Mrs Parkinson was most impressed!
  • Continue working on your Inquiry. It is expected that ALL students log on and edit their wikispaces during the holidays ATLEAST once to ensure that their group are still focused after the holidays.
  • Week 10 Homestudy is due this Friday.
  • School Disco tonight in the school hall 7pm - 9pm
  • New tuckshop menu is out for next term.

Tuesday 23 September
  • Thank you to Room 7 for such a special 18th birthday last Friday!
  • Stalls day on Thursday - students may bring some money (parents permitting of course!) to spend at the stalls (there will be lucky dips, food and drink stalls, games, etc).
  • Calvin is sadly leaving us at the end of the week. We wish he and his family all the best for their exciting adventure to America via England! Friday will be his last day of school.
  • The majority of this week's homework is Inquiry. Students should be working on their group wikispaces from home. The following students are exempt from the homework tasks (except for Inquiry) as they have achieved double As each week this term for their homework completion: Amber, Dominique, Chantelle, Jessie. Well done, people!
  • Good luck to those students performing in the Kapa Haka tonight at the Koanga Festival at Howick College. BBI are performing at 6pm if you can make it!
  • Tuck shop: the tuck shop will be closed from 10:30am on Thursday and all of Friday as Mrs van Tonder is leaving and new tuck shop managers will be taking over for next term. Why not order one last lunch with Mrs van Tonder before she leaves us?
  • School closes for two weeks break this Friday at 3pm.


Wednesday 17 September**
  • Stalls Day Committee: Dominique, Idam, Garth, Ben, Liam, Lucy. These people will be setting up a drinks stall next Thursday 25 September and selling drinks. Money raised from drinks sales will go towards a controller for the lights in our school hall. Drinks are $1.20 (cans of coke or sprite)
  • CANS Mufti day tomorrow. Bring 2 cans if you haven't already. These cans go to our local foodbank for those in need.
  • The i-learn, e-learn, we-learn conference was a huge success. Any parents wishing to attend tonight are welcome (students as well). We will be starting in the hall at 7pm and finishing at about 9pm. It would be great to see you there!

Monday 15 September

  • Tomorrow we will be attending the i-learn, e-learn, we-learn @ BBI Student Voice Conference. Each student will be attending two workshops run by students at our school about an aspect of ICT that enhances learning at BBI. A newsletter was sent home in Week 7 about this.
  • CANS week. Bring 2 cans for a mufti day this Friday
  • Wikispace Homework. Make sure you have edited your group name on the Room 7 page of http://teambmakingadifference.wikispaces.com/. Add to the knowledge saturation section by including everything you know about your chosen issue. A good start would be to record the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that are being denied by your group's issue. You may like to experiment with widgets such as Wix or Glogster to jazz up your page a little!
  • Check Homestudy Week 9


Friday 5 Sep

  • Well done to everyone for participating in the Knowledge-a-thon this week! We had lots of people who scored 100% or close to! Remember to collect your sponsorship money in so the school can build a beautiful outdoor seating area for your playground!
  • Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday 27 August

  • Students still to bring their newsletters regarding the changes to Daily Diary are: Sibusiso, Saif, Jade
  • Students to bring Week 5 homework tomorrow: Hannah, Saif
  • Choir festival tonight 7:30pm - 9pm. Thanks to my stage hands Gavin, Ben and Cherry for helping out on the night. Good luck to Charisse, Chelsea, Sibusiso, Josephine for tonight!

Tuesday 26 August

  • Australian Computer Exam tomorrow. Make sure you have a 2B pencil and eraser
  • Well done to Room 7 for coming up with such fantastic research questions about Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights: Everybody has the right to say what they think and to give and receive information. Some very thought provoking discussions took place!
  • Choir festival tomorrow night 7:30pm - 9pm
  • PE tomorrow. Bring PE gear.
  • Students still to bring their newsletters regarding the changes to Daily Diary are: Ben, Sibusiso, Saif, Jade
  • Students to bring Week 5 homework tomorrow: Hannah, Saif
  • HOMEWORK TOP 5 for Week 5: Dominique, Logan, Josephine, Jessie and Idam. Well done people... 5000 house points each!

Monday 25 August

  • Week 5 homework due
  • Week 6 homestudy on wikispace
  • Australian Computer Exam this Wednesday. Make sure you have a 2B pencil and eraser
  • Keep learning Knowledge-a-thon facts and finding sponsors, ONLY ONE WEEK TO GO!
  • Students still to bring their newsletters regarding the changes to Daily Diary are: Ben, Sibusiso, Saif, Jade
  • Students to bring Week 5 homework tomorrow: Hannah, Jade, Ben, Saif, Annie


Friday 22 August

  • Newsletter announcing Mr Fox's resignation sent home
  • Homework due on Monday
  • Keep learning Knowledge-a-thon facts and finding sponsors, just over one week to go!
  • Portfolios will now be going home on Monday due to some items missing

Thursday 21 August

  • Knowledge-a-thon facts to be learnt at home. Keep finding sponsors
  • Past Australian Exam practise papers to be returned to school please
  • Australian Writing Exam results were distributed to students today
  • Portfolios will go home tomorrow. Please check the tasks you have seen as outlined on the checklist of items that are in the portfolio and complete the Parent Review sheet. It would be great if these could be returned to school by Monday of Week 7 please.
  • Friendly reminders:
- New maths books need to purchased by the following people: Andrew, Lauren, Hannah, Calvin.
- The following people need to return their newsletter about the Daily Diary being replaced with Wikispace Daily Reminders: Travis, Ben, Annie, Sibusiso, Chelsea, Lauren, Jade, Saif, Andrew, Garth, Calvin, Gavin, Sharon Rose.

Wednesday 20 August

Miss Taylor away sick. No messages

Tuesday 19 August

  • Newsletters: Mathletics and Wikispace (daily reminders)
  • Knowledge-a-thon. Keep trying to find sponsors

Friday 15 August

  • Road race was postponed due to the weather. We will run it this Monday at 1:30pm instead. Remember to bring shoes to run in.
  • A few people have spelling work to finish that was not completed in class. This is due at school on Monday (those people know who they are as I have spoken to them.
  • Congratulations to Chantelle who achieved a certificate at our Team B assembly this afternoon for superb commitment to and through completion of all tasks... go Chantelle!
  • Knowledge-a-thon: Keep looking for sponsors and donations for this fundraising event.

Enjoy watching the Olympics over the weekend! See you all on Monday!

Thursday 14 August

  • Speeches: Well done Gavin and Bryar for speaking at the school speech finals today... twice! To the Year 7s and Year 8s! Congratulations to Gavin for coming 3rd overall!
  • Cross Country: The race is on... tomorrow! Reminders for cross country:
- wear shoes as the course is mostly on concrete
- bring lots of water
- have a big breakfast
- PE gear may be worn home at the end of the day
  • Knowledge-a-thon: start finding sponsors and learning your facts!
  • HUMAN RIGHTS INQUIRY: Parents feel free to check out the video below. This is similar to what we have looked at in class... quite interesting! (Statistics may not be 100% accurate but definitely make you think!)

Wednesday 13 August

Speeches: School finals tomorrow. Good luck to Bryar and Gavin, both from Room 7!
Homework: Students should have begun homework now. Tasks and expectations have been discussed in class.
Cross country: This Friday. No training tomorrow (rest day).