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Puberty, the Human Body and Adolescence;
Puberty and Adolescence BBC
Kids Health
Interactive Skeleton

Fractions, Decimals and %
Negative Numbers Games
Good (Flash) Decimal Games
Useful decimals resources
Design your own dice

Converting fractions, decimals and percentages
The Decifractator!
Fractions to Decimals Matching Game
Pool Table Ratio Activity
BBC Skillswise Games
BBC Skillswise Tests - Ratio
Gmap Pedometer- Great for scale and ratio
Rounding Games

Fractions, decimals and Percentages
Multiplying and Dividing by 10,100,1000
Tutpup Maths Games
Primary Maths Games
Excellent Downloadable Maths Games
Multiplication Practice
NZ Maths digital learning objects
Maths week
Timez Attack Game

Online Games

Tutpup Spelling Activities
Sentences: conjunctions and compound sentences
Grammar online game
Typing tutor
Skimming: Online quiz BBC Skillswise Words
Scanning: Online game BBC Skillswise Reading
Scanning: Online quiz BBC Skillswise Reading
Summarising: Online gam BBC Skillswise Reading

Topic- Olympic Games and Human Rights
Good Collection of Olympic Info and Links
Fun Olympic Quiz

Research Human Rights Protests at the Olympics (1936, 1968, 1972, 1980) then try this quiz;
Olympic Protest Quiz

General Activities;
Line Rider - A simple, fun to play game!
Amazing school website with loads of activities
Make your own puzzles