Health - Our Body & the Changes

Lesson One 03/11/08:

Learning Outcome: To clarify expectations and conduct in class during health and body sessions.

In todays lesson we discussed as a whanau what the expectations should be when we are discussing Our Body!
  1. Respect what people have to say - this will be achieved when we don't put-down or laugh at ideas that have been put forward by our peers.
  2. Participate in Discussion - this will be achieved when we can give at least two ideas or suggestions during the lesson.
  3. Laughing/talking at the appropriate times - there is a time and place for laughter and talking. We know when that time is appropriate.
  4. Take it seriously & learn what we can about our bodies - this will be achieved when we listen carefully to others while they are speaking and ask questions if we are unsure of anything at all.

Lesson Two 06/11/08

Learning Outcome: To clarify vocabulary relating to male and female body.

In today's lesson we:
  • discussed what makes male and females different in behaviours and male and female expectations.
  • We also labeled and annotated an empty body shape (internal and external).