No one can doubt the role played with ICT in the modern school. Students talk with fondness of their ‘Wikis’, lament about their latest Glogster page design and boast about embedding the latest widget on their blog. Lost the plot yet? No surprises then, that 400 year 6 and 7 students descended on BBI in mid-September to take part in the “i-learn, e-learn, we-learn” student conference to share the latest in current e-learning practice.

“i-learn, e-learn, we-learn” was a student led event, brainchild of Principal Ian Fox. “QUOTE>>>”

The theme of the conference was using ICT to support and enhance learning, and student delegates had the dizzying choice of 16 workshops to select from, ranging from the obviously named, “Picture This- Digital Photography” to the cryptic delights of “Burn the Books- Blog On!” and the tantalizing “iMovie, youMovie, weGroovie!”

BBI students prepared and presented all workshops and 2 current students, Jess and Cheyenne presented the last Keynote address to the conference, sharing their e-portfolios and talking about how ICT supports their education and is used for collecting evidence of their learning journeys. Behind the scenes, an army of students and teachers hosted, guided, catered and conducted every facet of the 2 day conference; buskers and performers entertained the masses during breaks, and “The Wave 88.1FM” BBI radio station broadcast live from the event, playing news updates and interviews with those who were lucky enough to be in attendance.

The day’s events were introduced by Keynote speaker, and an ex-pupil of the school, Nathanael Gray. He talked passionately of the transformation ICT has made to learning and schools from his experience- students and visitors alike had their appetites whetted as he theorized about amazing possible future developments.

Not satisified with educating and entertaining visitors during the 2 conference days, workshop leaders contributed to a “How To…” DVD, presented to attending schools, in order to share their expertise beyond our small stretch of Bucklands Beach Road. Who knows, maybe the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs lies within our walls? What is for certain is that the learners who attended “i-learn, e-learn, we-learn” conference left truly BBInspired by their e-experience.